48 hours to go till this madman busts into your homes
Perched on this edge of terror
Brought on my his mission to search and destroy
Not hearing, not hearing
We don’t want your blood for oil
Such a strange time to feel so alive
When I know so many will die
So I’m holding them, I’m bracing
Constantly coming together, Holding on to each other
So as not to fall, so as not to fall, apart

Our shared breath opens me up
And I discover my voice in the silence again
Somewhere in between rediscovering my song
And finding my passion through your camera’s eye
My rage and my love came together as one and when together
People change, life changes, I changed, yeah

Sitting on the shores of this river
Checkin the waters once in a while
Till you came along and your faith in my song
Shoved me right into the river of my dreams rushing by

Oh to be the river
But not be swept away by all the fear in its wake
To stop this white-knuckle grip I got on life
And hear…just this just now