Evolution Automate


after 8 years of gw and a good n' healthy amount of npr, i was driven to write this song. for the longest time i've struggled with how to express my activism. i think that there are a thousand ways we all do it every day. in essence, that is what this song is about... we all have tools to make change in small and large ways, im constantly negotiating different ways to keep mine workin.

Sometimes I lay in my bed an hour after I wake up
Contemplate the irony of my idle nature
Because the voice in my head is a righteous silent actor
Who only shows his face when it’s safe

And I can only dare to speak the things I know I know
But if you dove inside my head
you’d swim the seeds I sew
Mostly I leave my life up to fate
Imitate majority waiting, hoping for change

Is there a way to understand
the intent of what we’ve each been handed
And can we collectively see past our difference
And bring light to understanding

I could let the morning turn to day
Evolution automate
Lay silently challenging me to be the voice I long to be
And may I find it in between


Bring light to understanding

Is there a way to understand the weight of what we have
Bring light to understanding

can we see past our difference to find some peace
To find peace
Bring light to understanding
find peace