its sad when best friends move away. this is one way i keep them close.

You packed up your car
You said goodbye to Michigan
The winters here are too damn long
you couldn’t keep warm anymore inside your songs

now its 4 am
By now we’d have 4 bottles down
But it would take three long days
To drive to your house

Im holding on to this family
With two tin cans and a kite string
But the most important thing
Is how the west is giving you everything you need

A year and a half later
You said goodbye to Michigan
Something bigger than you had called it
But now the spring has arrived
This is our time this is our time
Now it’s a good long plane ride


No matter the distance I got your words when you forget
im right behind
And you will make my songs easier to finish
ease my mind
And we’ll continue to exchange our perspectives
in our own time
And we’ll grow into better people because of it

Where we are is where we should be
Its still three arms length times too many