happiest we’ve ever been

i met you on thursday, friday we’re in love
saturday your wearing a tool belt fixing up our house, our house
i carefully mapped it out, this cat free life we’ll have together
we’ll be the happiest we’ve ever been playing music with our friends
and kids? we’ll adopt em.

i’ve got my sights set on you
and our roomy u-haul too
i’ve been counting the time
till i make your wardrobe mine

two weeks in we’re already a big gay happy family
nesting in our one bedroom rainbow clad efficiency
conveniently just above your ex’s parents house
then begin the weeks and weeks of processing and dissecting
everyone we’ve ever met and everyone we’ll ever meet
and now you want a cat
i wont be having that.

i’ve got my sights set on you
your ex and your cat too
i’ve been trying to find
a good way to say goodbye.

cause its easy, easy to love someone you don’t know
its easy, easy to love someone
when you’re always, always leaving
i’m always, always leaving

i’ve got my sights set on me
and all i need to be
i’ve been trying to find
the pieces i left behind

written by sarah cleaver and kate peterson

kate: vocals, glockenspiel, stomp/clapping
sarah: vocals, acoustic guitar
kaylan mitchell: cello
murray stewart jones: drums
frontier ruckus, jim roll, susie giang: stomp/clap