Said and Done


hard hard heartbreak.

how do i miss you so well
my heart’s as empty as a long lake michigan cold spell
didn’t i love you so well
we’d wake up singing like summertime
even when the snow fell
babe did i ask for too much
were you sitting at home waitin for phone

if there’s a place then there’s a way you could come back home
try to forgive all the rights that i made wrong
just settle in and remember when it was our simple love
when all we had was what we had and it was always enough

babe you were the one
it was said and done it was said and done
it was said and done
and the same way winter takes me by surprise, every time
you looked me in the eye
you said I tried
you said I tried


babe you left me high
I still close my eyes to the sight of you
laughin in the sunlight
Wont you just give me one more try
We can get by I think we’ll get by or I’ll die trying