Scars and Anchors


Like many songs on this record this song was birthed over a few months. This song breaches the space between feeling worn, disconnected, and emotionally empty to feeling like you can finally begin healing.

I’m feeling worn through
bones bare from the cold of old souls
touching earth and…knowing.
That growing old means feeling less and taking life lost
to learn to live sometimes….
Sometimes it all feels hard.

We all have scars and anchors and sandbars
Just below the surface
hidden from the shoreline
deeper than what you and I can see

Lies a steady place
to rest your bones
a constant in the sea of change
a place where only love prevails

Love prevails

This Letting go is growing old
I’ve been holding onto knowing hope will…die last
It’s the waiting here that seems unclear
long after your story has been told and retold…
It’s the sad songs that come out slow


All these feelings are lonely…and hard to deal with
All these feelings are making me…hard to deal with
Hard, hard, hard