Driven 70 down Route 80
With my voice and my anger finally riding shotgun
After too many years riding in the back
It got sick of staring at the back of my head and refused to keep shutting up

Each breath I’m taken I’ll take you in
And let you and life out in each song again and again
These words make me tremble inside you
Till my mouth opens up and cries our freedom

Rest stop in Youngstown, grab my guitar
Sit on the bumper and sing out a tune
30 degrees and falling doesn’t stop my mind from wandering
Back to this pen and paper to finish this song


I know I’ll always struggle with how to find balance
Between this love I got for life and this anger we all got inside
Each voice spoken together or apart
Sharing the voices of those who just won’t be heard
Cause their skins too dark or they share their love outside the box
They can’t speak the language, or they just can’t talk at all