smaller taller


It was exciting to finally record this in a studio after a year or so of playing it out at shows and developing it. We already had a great handle on it so we could just have fun singing it and I think that really came through in the recording. It was also great to have a bunch of friends come in at the end of a long day of recording and sing their hearts out at the end of the song. And then having girlyman on it was a true honor!

These thoughts only creep in before sleeping
hold me up till the break of day
leave me waiting wanting willing more distance
left hollowed out inside


I was smaller smaller smaller smaller so small
you were taller taller taller taller so tall
we were wider wider wider than a single sound
and one day we all fell down

Trust is an island and im a submarine a missle
aimed right at the core of denial
I pull the trigger but im rising sinking rising
can hold a steady hand


sometimes I think I hope I will let go of parts of you
but love makes habits out of part me and all of you
three months after still have trouble letting go and breathing

its funny how hearts can turn
no one told me this love could burn
and I got this feeling
cant shake this feeling
I was feeling
I was