Where I’m Standin

It’s a Sunday night
You, me, and some beers
Talking about this crazy friendship we’ve had for years
On a cold night at this corner bar in North Carolina

You screamed and felt connected to me
My heart roared like Jamie says
Something inside me caused a revolution inside you
And something inside you shifted where I’m standin
Just staring at my feet trying to figure out where I stand
Just wanna open up and scream here I am
Come in and catch my voice if you can
Catch me if you can

Driving home talking bar codes and dreams again
I’m talking your ear off and your listening to the stereo
I shared how I always wished I was a bad-ass
You turned to me and said you know Sarah you got nothing to hide girl
You always could see through me


Its 2 a.m. just me and a beer
And all those dreams and thoughts I never let you see
Like how I’m always falling in love with women
And how crazy it is this mans love sustains me
My heart and soul, girl