pleasantly aggressive folk duo nervous but excited
tour dates / where we're going to play music.


July 2009

we won!!

here's just a short and final note so you can share in our joy... we are eternally grateful for all of your support and networking. as a thank you, we made this little pre-movie movie about being in a movie. and it's just for you. hope you like it. (ps. more tour dates below!)

Kate and sarah and the nbe team.



movie stardom and a woods full of women.

Hello whale watchers, sun bathers, and firefly catchers (we know you let em go, no need to feel guilty)

Summer is creeping closer to the jaws of winter every day! so grab your backpack chairs and glow necklaces and get to a good outdoor live show while you still can without a parka (this is what living in MI has done to us). See below for the beginnings of our Fall tour!

Drum roll please….

We have 4 days to potentially be MOVIE STARS
(or at least have a short 10 second Cameo)

The already great news is that our song, Said and Done, has been selected to be part of the soundtrack for the Michigan-made film Annabelle and Bear.

What’s even greater is that we are finalists in a contest to win a cameo in the film! We are up against some stiff competition, so we need your help! It takes less than 10 seconds to vote, and you can vote once every 24 hours per computer (ie. if you work in a computer lab, you are our new best friend!)

This is an amazing opportunity for us and we would really appreciate your support! Please forward this to EVERYONE YOU KNOW! (or just whoever you think cares :) but let’s make it VIRAL, nervous but excited-style.)

Here is the link! The contest ends next Monday at 6pm and you can vote regardless of where you live.

Kate and sarah and the nbe team.

June 2009

Hello summer shakers & shimmiers!

Summer is here! ...or if you’re in the Mitten, the vivacious weather lady assures us every night that the swimming fin frolicking weather is on it's way... and we'll be tripping over ourselves in no time.

Come on out and tap-a-toe and shake-a-shimmy at a festival or show near you. We'll be playing with a full band for most of 'em!

We also hear that we are a good music to tan to.
(Nervous but Excited does not promote poor skin care. SPF it up, please!)

See ya out there!!
kate & sarah

PS. If you havent picked up our newest record yet, maybe this will tantalize you...
some friendly words from a friendly source...
amy ray, of the indigo girls says:

"Ahhhh... the instruments on Anchors are organic and rich like good soil. The arrangements
are layered in a way that make me want to listen and hear it grow. The songs are honest and dimensional. It's music to my ears."

April 2009

Just Released:
Cure of Cabin Fever found at last!
And its Nervous but Excited!

After a three week tour/journey up and down the East Coast (welcome new friends!) in search of where
Spring may be hiding so we could find her and wrangle her back to Michigan, we are back!

And…although there was a slight delay…Spring has arrived in the Mitten
(and hopefully wherever you are, unless you are in Antarctica then you are on your own)

Anchors has been getting its feet wet across the country and
is now getting all gussied up for its home town debut...

Anchors: "Gussied up"

So come out come out where ever you are for what is sure to be one of the greatest NBE shows ever
at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI with the largest band (8 of us!!) we have ever played with!
Get your tickets early on Ticketmaster!
(or save some fees and head to the box office!)

We'll be sharing the show with the super talented Breathe Owl Breathe, and it is also part
of the three concert WE ARE MICHIGAN series, which is geared towards raising awareness for
Human Rights and LGBT issues in Michigan. And we are giving you baby trees to take home!

Then it's time to hop in the van with us for a short romp around the Midwest (even Chicago!)
and then festival season here we come!

See ya out there!!
kate & sarah

March 2009

Lovers of music, merriment and the pursuit of a good time!

There is so much excitement in the air we can feel our arm hair t i n g l i n g ...

The new record Anchors is done (!) and on the cusp of being ready to come and share special moments with you! We have successfully finished everything on our end and we are waited with bated breath for our little bundle of joy to come back from the manufacturers. Order it now and we'll mail it to you THIS WEEK! (itunes is coming soon)

check out the photo gallery

the green album gallery

The making of this record has been an intense and amazing experience. We, along with Susie our manager and song arranger extraordinaire,  have put our hearts and souls into this endeavor and can not wait to share it with all of you!

Hear a sneek peek and read plenty
about it on our (brand new) myspace!

The official release date is April 7th but come to show and get one before all the other folk lovers on your block.

So come one come all to a CD release show near you! If you can make it to one of the CD release shows in the MI mitten you should make the trek because we will be playing with a full band and having a grand ole time. But if the mitten is too far for you to travel to we will bring the fabulousness to you!

Nervous but Excited Anchors CD Release Party
Friday, March 27  8pm
The Ten Pound Fiddle, UU Church, 855 Grove St, East Lansing, MI
tickets: $8 /10  
with breathe owl breathe

cheers and happy spring!
the nbe team


February 2009

Although we have not heard this come from his mouth we have telepathically communicated
with him and we are pretty sure this is what he was thinking when the oath of office was being taken.


Hello fans of folk, frolicking and frigid weather.

Its Nervous but Excited here and we are thrilled to give you an update
about how the recording of our new record is going! 

We have all the nearly every last part of the songs recorded and some amazing
folks are lending their talents to help make this record an incredible project.

See the photo album on Facebook.
Green Album photos

This record will feature fabulous folks like Girlyman, Lyndell Montgomery,
Katie Sawicki
, Chris Bathgate and more treasured Michigan musicians…
your eardrums are perked up now aren’t they?

Making this sustainable, 100% zero-carbon footprint, eco-happy album
has also been an awesome growing experience for us.

We are so close the finish line of getting the record out into the world but we
are still in need of a bit more help to get it through the final stages of production…

We need you!


We need to raise an additional $2000 to make this new fully sustainable record a
reality….here is how you can be a part of this cutting edge project…
and anything will help!

Preorder now!

For $25, you can receive a brand new super secret not for public ears track from the new record emailed exclusively to you within the next two weeks!!!
And also a signed copy hot off the presses!


Also… Remember us?

There are a few different ways to be a part of our
green project click here to read up on it

Come see us on the road!!

cheers! kate and sarah

December 2008

Hello snow flake catchers and merriment makers;

We hope that your cornucopia is filled with more fruits and veggies then you can shake a stick at and if there is still a little room left…our latest record home{spun} would love to be buried in your veggies. If you send us an order between now and December 15, shipping and handling is on us - that means FREE!
Order your holiday gifts and it ships for free
And if you are looking to put a little more merry in your ment this season we are playing two shows in the mitten.

Saturday, December 6, 2pm
Goldenrod Music Open House  Lansing, MI
with sistrum, jetty rae and sometimes Y

Friday, December 12, 7:30pm
South Haven, MI Foundry Hall $5



the GREEN album
we are in the midst of recording our second full length
studio album that
will be released April 2009!

The most exciting thing about this new record is that we are working with our record label Riot Grrrl Ink. to create the first record ever made (to the best of our knowledge) in a completely sustainable fashion.

This means that every pound of CO2 used in the recording and production of this record, from the emissions our van uses to get to the studio to the energy the recording equipment uses, will be offset.  Also all of the materials for the promotion and production of this CD will be made of 100% recycled materials!

Both of us have been invested in the idea of conservation since we were kids. From Sarah's mothers prized compost bin and family gardens to Kate's fathers lovingly militant energy conserving stratedgies ($10 penalty for each light left on in an empty room). We are more than thrilled to take our passion for creating music, dig a hole, plant it in the ground and watch where it grows.

We would be excited and grateful if you would be interested in being a
part of this ambitious and amazing sustainable CD making adventure!

So to make this even more exciting, we are giving you the chance to become
...the superhero you always dreamed of... the next...


see below for the options!!


RECYLATOR: become a scrap paper using, ziplock bag washing, paper and plastic separating recyclator.

For a $50 donation we will send you an autographed copy of the new CD before it hits the streets.




COMPOSTINATOR: become a slow-churning, worm-feeding, scrap-saving compostinator.

For a $100 donation, will we send you 2 autographed CDs hot of the press and a t-shirt!


ARBONATOR: tree hugging, hybrid loving, seed planting arbonator.

A $250 donation will land you 2 autographed CDs + t-shirt + a genuine thank you in the liner notes of the album



ENVIROATOR: Electric car traveling, recycled paper using, lover of all things organic enviroator.

For a $500 donation, you will recieve 2 autographed copies + a t-shirt + Executive Producer credit in liner notes.

Contact us for this one :)

Gift Card, Anyone?

If someone you know wants to become an ENVIROMENTINATOR and you would like to donate in their name, will send you a personalized gift card, please contact us to arrange!

- or -

Click here to purchase a gift card in any amount with Paypal

Gift card!


November 2008

Hello lovers of folk music and the democratic system.

We hope this election day finds you well and full of hope for real change in this country.

We have returned to Michigan for a few days to vote and tryout our new leaf blower but tomorrow we head off to the Northeast to play some fabulous shows and enjoy the last dwindlings of fall.

So come on out and we will sing you songs while frolicking in the falling leaves.

If you haven’t checked out our latest release homespun yet.  She is freshly voted and ready join your happy family.


Cheers and if you haven't done it, get to the polls!

our best - as always. kate & sarah


October 2008


Hello fall foliage frolickers and folk music aficionados;

We are heading out to a city, county, or postal road near you and we would love to share some fall folk fabulousness with you.

Come on out to a Nervous but Excited show and bring your candy corn, carmel apple, or cornucopia to share.

We are playing a string of dates with the wonderfully talented Girlyman and then continuing on to play with some other fabulous friends in the southland and beyond.

We are putting the final touches on our Ariel and Sebastian Halloween  costumes so our cover of "Unda da Sea" will be more believable.

Sarah’s Sebastian accent just can’t carry us any longer.


Kn{home}spunock knock… 

Our live record {home} spun is all dressed up and trick or treating at your door.

Although kidnapping trick or treaters is frowned upon we would love you to invite {home} spun in and give her a twirl in your boom box. 

Maybe she will share her candy with you.

We'll look forward to seeing you on the road!


kate and sarah

June 2008

Hello garden diggers, sun bathers, and great lake swimmers.

nbe nbe

things of interest...

new album coming in july!
{home} spun

new album, {home}spun
preorder now!

new video!
Interview from Tello Films
interview + live
from tello films

new merch!
Home spun t's
for soft shirts, click here.

nbe nbe

Summer has finally made it to the mitten and its time for us to head back to  Lansing to play a show… and we thought kicking off Michigan Pride weekend with a backyard party would be the best way to reconnect with the place where all the magic began.

he Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is right around the corner. We are heading back and planning on rockin triangle old school style. (and we've also got a mid-way, saturday brunch-like concert in the works). If you are a festie-goer, you know the deal with ticket prices, and we're folksingers, so this is our way of getting there this time around.

So we are devoting an evening to singing songs about woods, women and hummus in an effort to raise enough money to attend the festival and to get us all pumped for the “woods filled with women”.

So bust out your cozies and lawn chairs and come on out to a backyard  evening of pre-festival festiveness.

All are welcome and encouraged to come. We know house shows can be intimidating if you do not know the host but we promise it will be relaxing and welcoming!

Byob and bring a lawn chair or blanket!

see details and more shows here! and see you out there!

kate & sarah

April 2008

WANTED:  toe tappers, singer-a-longers, hummers, whistlers, snappers and clappers.


After several unsuccessful attempts at moving into people’s homes and replacing their Once More With Feeling CD with impromptu live performances in their cars, houses and offices, we have decided to bite the bullet and make a full length professionally recorded live CD!

We are inviting you to be one of only 20 people to be part of the live recording of “Lullabies and Hard Times” Nervous but Excited’s first professional live CD!

Sat. May 17th. at 7:30pm 

We need you to help bring the energy that we so love from our friends and fans into this recording.  So every  time you hear that succinct clap or angelic voice singing in the crowd, you can tell your loved ones that it's you.

We ask for $20/person to help us supplement the recording process and
it is first come first serve so sign up soon because seats will go fast.
Mark your calendars Sat May 17th.  

Click here to reserve your spot.

Also: witness Nervous but Excited’s sorted adventures on our video blog!
And check out the EP Bootleg from the Basement if you haven’t heard it yet. 

our best! as always..
kate & sarah

March 2008


we've been busy! (hope you like the new look)

drumroll please.

nervous but excited announces it's
newest multimedia extravaganza (aka video blog) !

Nervous, but Driving
Episode #1 - Hairstyles on the Road - 4/4/08



March 2008

To all those folk music lovers who are waiting with bated breath
at the first bud of spring,

Sorry it has been such a long hiatus from touching base with all of you …
Not to worry, you were dearly missed.  

The long, soggy Michigan winter forced us into hibernation. We began to grow fuzzy patches of fur, groom ourselves with our tongues and refer to our house as a den. 

Although we did have a lot of grooming to do, our time spent in and out of the den proved to be productive. We managed to accomplish many things including  escaping to the southland a few times to remind ourselves of the color green.  On a sadder note, another winter is passing us by and we have yet to master the intricate game of snow shoe tetherball.

What do we have to show for our time in pseudo-hibernation?

A bootleg from the basement.

bootleg from the basement

This is an short ep we put out of some new songs, some old songs, and some
sing-a-longable songs. We made a limited supply so if you are thinking of getting
one,  you should get while the gettins good. Buy one, or download it for free.

We also have some new songs to share with you at a show near you…so come
break out of your den of hibernation with us!

**in other nervous but excited news :::: we are recording a live record
this May! so stay glued to this channel for further details on that

our best! as always..
kate & sarah

Jan 2008

Hello Icicle lickers, cocoa drinkers, and lovers of a good high intensity toboggan ride.

We have soaked up all of the holiday warmth and winter festiveness the mitten
has to offer and now it is time for us to head south again to wring our winter
selves out in the 45 degree weather.  

While around and about in the south-land, we hope to warm up our tootsies and
regain our southern draws enough to say ya’ll properly.

We’ve got some new material and some quality post-holiday witty banter…so use
us as an excuse to break out of your winter hibernation and come see a show!

Stay tuned on the website for a new monthly video blog.

thanks thanks and best... kate & sarah

ps. to the michigan folk... there is going to be a great {free} show at The Ark on
Tues Jan 22 with Lansing native Joshua Davis of Steppin in It.
We're sorry to miss it, maybe some of you can fill in for us.

Dec 2007

 Attention potential party people!

psycho killer

click to wet your pallet... a small taste of whats to come.
{make sure to watch the end}

We are in the throws of learning your favorite songs ranging
from the expected to the utterly unexpected! 
So keep your cover requests coming so we can have as much
time as possible to pour our hearts and souls into them.

Also the earlier we get your songs the more time we will have to find the perfect costumed outfits that will suit your selection. (still waiting to drag the sequined unitard out from the back of the closet.)
So register early (we cant start learning your songs
till we have your registration.)

Tickets are going like hot cakes. so get em while the gettins good! 
Trust us...this party will give you memories to last the whole year.

Strap on your party hats and sign on up!

best... kate and sarah



Oct 2007

Sarah examining the phenomenon of early onset whale tooth decay

Kate getting in touch with her inner Harry Potter

NBE: Wizards and whales.

We are in the midst of what we are affectionately calling the “been there…done that tour” which consists of really taking advantage of the fact that being touring singer songwriters lets us see the more exotic parts of our country…

Here are some photos from one of the highlights thus far - the House on the Rock in Wisconsin.  Which you may be thinking to yourself, “A house on a rock? How fascinating could that be?”  But alas…it houses massive collections of things ranging from freakish dolls to Fantasia-esque instruments that play themselves.  As if that is not enough, it also houses the largest indoor carousel (20,000 lights, not one horses head) and also a whale as long as the statue of liberty is tall.

Next stop…mall of America and the largest ball of wax to come out of a human ear. Check the website for pictures and tall tales.

Come hear a show near you…. and  if you have ideas of fascinating things to see on our way please let us know.  We are always down for an adventure…and if you find us the location of largest ball of duck tape you just may get a prize.

tour dates....


Sept 2007

After hours and hours toiling over finding a witty topic for this email, we realized:

a) you can get calluses from thumb wrestling

b) the proverbial proof was in the pudding.

The harsh yet exquisite word toiling was there the whole time having a one-sided staring contest with us. Such a rarely used word in everyday life - but NBE is changing that ...which in turn reminded us of another word we never really delved into...tutelage. Used in a sentence tu·te·lage/noun...

Under the strict tutelage of Kate Peterson, Sarah Cleaver
finally mastered the technique of hula hooping.

Come to a show near you to learn even more stimulating facets of Nervous But Excited's vocabulary.  Maybe we can create songs together out of your favorite exotic words.


June 2007

Hey all,

please forgive the quickness of this note, as we know you are accustomed to at least 3 lengthy paragraphs of rambling re: our latest escapades (just the thought of it makes me yearn to hear some janet jackson).

though i must say its been a productive time in nervous but excited land lately.  we have new songs, new arrangments, and some sly new moves to share with you out there.

there are plenty of good times to be had in michigan and the midwest coming up soon and farther out a little later on... we know you all have packed summer calendars  - picture it, we are rubbing our hands together, in a swift manor, in hopes that you will spend a day with us somewhere in the sunshine. see below!!

other exciting news is that many of our summer shows will include Susie Giang (Drums, Bass, & Banjo) and Hana Malhas (Fiddle & Bass) of Lazy Sunday hopping around on stage with us!

we are busy busy busy booking for our fall tour, if you have ideas comments or suggestions on where you think we should be thrashing our hips, send an email to or want to host a house concert? that would be fabulous. i hear that we are lovely house guests.

coming soon... lots of video and tantilizing multimedia excitement. stay tuned.

kate & sarah



May 2007

nervous but excited and lazy sunday


The hitch is on, the cooler is packed, and the trailer is, for the time being, somewhat securely fastened!

Perhaps you are asking yourself, "Why do they need a trailer? Have they finally decided to work wardrobe changes into their set to enhance their dance routines?"...perhaps. 

We are  hitting the road with our amazing friends and Michigan Musical Allies Lazy Sunday for a few dates! (now you are picturing all of us in leotards and boas aren't you?..i know i am and its giving me tingles of anticipation)

We will then be headin back to the Michigan Mitten and surrounding areas for some fabulous summer shows and festivals.

So bust out your dusty lawn chair, sun visor, and hand held electric fan and join us!

kate & sarah

April 2007

Hello enjoyers of Nervous But Excited...and a special welcome to you new enjoyers,

Feel free to take your shoes off, get comfortable, and really embrace your decision to join our mailing list.

Just as we were successfully begining to tear ourselves away from the mesmerizing antics of Dancing with the Stars to let fresh spring air enter into our lungs for prolonged portions of time...the Michigan mitten slapped us again with a cold front.

We find ourselves cursing Al Gore every morning for making us more aware of how we made all this happen.  It was easier to live with drastic changes in weather when we  just attributed it to dinosaurs. (As a side note this theory works with lots of things like..."Sorry, I cant go to work today
because the gases the dinosaurs let out upon extinction are surfacing
astronomically high today in the atmosphere." Situations feel alot more
urgent when you throw the words dinosaur, gases, astronomic, and atmosphere
all together... just ask my dentist.)

So after the cursing of Al ends we do realize that we all must change various patterns in our lifestyles to create a change in this ever increasing global warming issue.  Perhaps we can discuss these changes we are all making when we visit you!! Perhaps while sipping ice tea at your local venue between sets or while we watch you so effortlessly haul our PA system from the van into the venue...

So all this talk of getting slapped by the mitten has made us yearn to head
to the warm South ready or not here we come!


March 2007

Hello folks!

We would like to cordially invite you to share some extremely exciting shows with us in new places and with fabulous folks! {ie. Utah Phillps and Girlyman !} Who is that? YOU!And on top of that, we have big news to share that we have been confirmed to play this August at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival!

So pack up your bags...we have saved you a place in the back of the van (but if your car sickness kicks in we promise to let you ride shotgun.)

So please come join us because we have missed you...a lot.

And we have some exciting car games planned so the fun will never end.

Or if you have some other show will do and we can all load in the car after the show and play the license plate game in the parking lot.

kate & sarah


January 2007

Read about us looking all glossy! This month you can find us in your common bookstore in Curve Magazine! Or you can read it below...
Curve Cover

Once More … With Feeling, Nervous but Excited (Pleasantly Aggressive)
Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver are accomplished singer- songwriters in their own rights, and now they’ve teamed up together as Nervous but Excited, briefly known as Kate & Sarah. The Michigan-based duo play “pleasantly aggressive” (their own term, hence the name of their label) acoustic folk music, blending progressive politics, sharp wit, and deep introspection with nuanced harmonies and a bevy of stringed instruments on their debut 11-track release. The album opener, “Lansing,” is a sweet folk-pop love letter to their hometown and one of the strongest cuts on the disc, while Curve Review“Slow and Steady” is a sparse banjo-mandolin-accordion love song, and “Living Room, Early AM” is a beautiful, moody acoustic guitar instrumental featuring upright bass and tablas. It’s hard for me to put my finger on exactly what makes Nervous but Excited stand out among the neverending stack of singer-songwriter acoustic folk CDs that cross my desk, but they definitely got my attention. (nervous


October 2006

a variety of things you
might be interested in:

see half of our
circus act on video

listen to the new album

buy the album

already have it?
write a review
(one sentence will work AND
we'll love you forever)

hello fall frolickers, feathered migraters, and lovers of ghostly surprises (BOO!),

The leaves are turning brilliant colors and we are following our fine feathered friends south...though unlike them, we will return after a few weeks to buckle down the hatches and prepare for winter in the appropriately named "mitten." We are taking our record south to spread it's proverbial wings.

The new record, Once More with Feeling, and ourselves as it's chaperones, have spent the past few weeks touring the midwest and it has been quite a fabulous adventure playing in new towns, meeting new folks, and reconnecting with the old.

We just can't stop spreading The Feeling around. WATCH OUT its contagious and no flu shot can stop it from infecting you with some Pleasantly Aggressive Folk goodness.

Warn the neighbors...alert the press...bring in the lawn furniture.....put your safety goggles on...The Feeling and it's companions Nervous but Excited are coming to a town near you!

and we will be dancing...
dancing dancing DANCING

Click here for tour dates...


Sept. 2006

Introducing... nervoud but excited!

kate peterson and sarah cleaver have taken their duo-ship to the next level by renaming themselves nervous but excited.

no animals were hurt during the process of changing this name.

nervous but excited

As if this news wasn't enough to make your palms sweat in nervous excitement... our new record, Once More...With Feeling, is begging us to go for a spin in your cd player.

Once More... With Feeling   once more... with feeling

oh and what makes us the most nervously excitable, other than incorporating new choreographed routines into our set while wearing sequined halter tops, is that we are headin out on our fall tour to a town near you.


If you are in a 3 hour radius to Lansing, MI Sept 16th we would love to see you at our CD release show at the Creole Gallery.  And if you live further than 3 hours and come you will get a special door prize that may or may not be a sequined halter top that may or may not have been used earlier that night.

We would like to use this night to thank all of you for being such huge supporters of our music.  Because of you this record is overflowing with love...come and take some of that love in.
(but please dont mistake this event as a 1960s "love in" that would be awkward)

Still sweating with anticipation,

nervous but excited


july 18. 2006

once more... with feelingi know it's been awhile folks! but we promise it's only because we've been busy making a record ( --> ! )
so we can travel around and visit with y'all this fall. new songs, new arrangments, a new name (coming soon...) and a sick amount of some seriously downright debauchery. pleasantly agrressive folk-style... of course. in the meantime, you did see our tetherball video, right? ...there are some new songs posted on MySpace here and here if your curious.

hope you are enjoying your summer. we've played alot, seen a lot of music and spent many-a-nights in hot tents.

we're looking ahead to the fall and we hope to see you then. shows are online as they are confirmed and if you live somewhere on the eastern side the country we will most likely show up near you.

best, kate

may 15. 2006

Its a bird...its a plane...

No, its Captain Kate the Crusher and 1st Mate Sarah the Hoovenator! Once again triumphing over the evils of easy listening with aggressive folk music and cunning humor as our only weapons.

Those long hours training on the tetherball court are paying off and we are looking forward to our doubles championship match against David Hasslehoff and John Tesh later this month. Cross your fingers... all those years on Baywatch have really made David stiff competition in the sand-tetherball portion of the tournament.

Captain Kate the Crusher and 1st Mate Sarah the Hoovenator

All this serious training has prepared this dynamic duo for the months ahead but we need your help to keep our bionic strength up.

We are nearing the homestretch of the recording/mixing/production of our first album as a duo and appreciate all the preorder support we have received thus far! We are well on our way but are still needing another $1000 to finish with the production of this CD. So if you have been wondering, "how do I become a part of this crazy preorder circus and get my own superhero circus powers?" click here and find out! Anything that you feel compelled to give brings us that much closer to our goal. Without all of you this CD would not be possible in so many ways.

Thanks for all your continued support.

We will also be taking some time to flex our bionic muscles outside and inside the mitten this summer at some festivals and shows so please come see us (no promises but you may even see our superhero alter egos make special appearances at select shows!)

over and out.
captain kate the crusher and first mate sarah the hoovenator

april 12. 2006

It was a dark and stormy night.....

Well, to be honest it was a clear, moonlit night, but we know that you all have become accustomed to what some may call, exaggerated story telling -  but scouts honor (I can use this because I ate a girl scout cookie two days ago) the following is true...

kate and nick
eye of the teatherball
our newest music video

click to watch!

It all began at our show last night at Eastern Mennonite University (go Royals!) in Harrisonburg, VA.  Scotty P (our illustrious touring companion for 6 dates) was at the helm of our rather over stuffed vehicle, car top carrier and all, as we rolled on in and unloaded. It was a lovely show full of sing along's and free all-you-can-drink caffeinated beverages.  We ended the show, packed the car, stopped for a quick burrito, and hit the wide open road.  Sarah, hyped up on enough caffeine to give that annoying energizing rabbit a run for his money, took the wheel and Kate and Scott were lulled to sleep by the soft whirl of highway.  Sarah set in for the two hour ride to DC and laid back, with her mind on her money, her money on her mind (gin and juice not included). 

Country side rolled by while Sarah enjoyed the soft melodies of Enya and a lovely phone conversation with her special lady friend in MI.  Everything seemed wonderful, some might even call it peaceful.  As we cruised the gas stations became further and further apart as the gas sank further and further below the 1/4 tank line... you can guess where this is going.

Soon Kate was startled awake by Sarah's heavy breathing and frantic pleas for gas, she felt like George Bush searching for oil in the desert although she was actually doing the searching.  The gas light at this time had alerted them that they had about 15 miles left before empty.  Kate whipped out the map and took control then awakening Scotty P in the back.  We quickly exited and only found ourselves in a residential area - no gas in site. We took a brief moment and remembered that we always had the AAA, pulled ourselves together and dug deep.

The car began decelerating and accelerating on its own trying to take control of the situation itself and we headed back to the highway.  Just as we were about to get on. HARK! in the distance a glowing mirage of a gas station.  We turn and head towards it, and bam the car gives up the fight about an eighth of a mile from the station.  Scotty P yells out "Lets do It" and we get out and start a pushin, thank god for his soccer calves.  We proceed to push till we can push no more and get there before loosing a lung thank god. Fill up and here we are.  Safe in our nations capital.

Please do not pass this information on because we are in negotiations to possibly make it into a made for TV movie staring Molly Ringwald as Kate, Tony Danza as Scott, and Sally Struthers as Sarah (because she is so convincing in those Save the Children commercials).

anchors away.
Molly, Tony and Sally

march 22. 2006

it's been less then two weeks since the last post! i'm feeling on top of it.

the recording process is moving along nicely. i (kate) personally finished 3 songs this past week and it's been so exciting adding new arrangments to the songs we've been performing for so long... breathing some new life...

i never technically finished this post. so i guess it doesn'tcount. but im putting it up anyway.

march 8. 2006

i was told if we're going to have an update section, then we need to make updates. thanks jackie.

i’m sitting here in what-used-to-be-my-office-and-is-now-the-control-room while sarah lays down a vocal track on echo for our upcoming cd. her and nick (our quirky, lovely, talented sound engineer) keep whispering back and forth through the headphones. from the tone of the unintelligible mumbling, it seems to be going well.

we started recording on Monday and not only are we getting stuff done, we are having a fabulously exciting time. sarah has found new skills on the drum set transforming folk songs into “performance pieces”  in 4/4 time, twisted so effortlessly by her own lyrical interpretations. we may be looking at a hidden track here.

i left for a little while today to try and finish the song I am writing about this dear town of lansing.  tried to soak up some city love. I drove around with headphones listening to the guitar part on nicks ipod. I felt like I was in a movie and it was the soundtrack. it wasn’t until I parked next to a police car that I realized that lansing is no hollywood, and I should put on my seatbelt and take off the headphones. I think I’ve got another verse.

on top of all that musical goodness… we played the ark last night for the first time. so many friends. family. fans. so much love! it really couldn’t have felt better. thanks to all who came out, some who drove an hour or more on a Tuesday and shouted so sincerely for us. last night was such an amazing reminder of why we do this.

there was one moment during our first song when sarah and I made eye contact, smiled and all the nerves just dissolved away… my friend eugene from canada happened to snap his camera right at that moment.

k8 & sarah @ the ark

i could go on and on about why it was such a big deal to play in that room where i've experienced so many life-altering/change-inspiring moments, but i'll leave it at that.


feb. 28. 2006

(paducah idol}

We are fresh off our stint on American Idol, Paducah, KY style.  There we played our largest venue yet, opening for Largest Vagina Monologues in KY!  Check out our new found celebrity status in the photos below. Some were convinced they recognized us from TV (is there an MTV Paducah we don’t know about?)

We return to the mitten via planes, trains, and automobiles with a new found addiction to crosswords and a love for a game involving who can use cruise control the longest without hitting the break. (no worries moms, safety always came first)

on the stage/from the stage
sarah near death
running for dear life
kate is a ham
hammin it up backstage

{new album/preorders}

So many of you have welcomed us into your homes and hearts and now it is time to make it official…Let us come live with you so we can get partner benefits by preordering our FIRST STUDIO ALBLUM! (We promise we don’t take up much room and we don’t mind cleaning.) Click here to find out about all the extra-special-cant-find-anywhere-else stuff you can get by ordering early!

{new shows}

We are super excited to play a bunch of shows closer to home with some of our most fabulous singer/songwriter friends!  Including our first showing at the oh-so-illustrious Ark in Ann Arbor! So come on out and help us welcome an early spring into the mitten and beyond! Click here for details about the upcoming shows!

anchors away.
kate and sarah

feb. 16. 2006

website update

rambling is about all i am capable of right now...! it's 4:52 am, and i'm happy to say that results of my early morning efforts include some new pictures, lyrics and a little bit more here and there. and a few people have asked... so you can now access our old websites. here are the links!

{kate's old website} {sarah's old website}

enjoy, friends!


feb. 5. 2006


You have arrived!
Please wipe your feet on the way in.
We have finally made a home together here on the world wide internet system.
We are excited for you all to see and experience this new juncture in our "duo-ship."
Kate has done an amazing job designing and executing this site.
We both believe that it is a true reflection of our lives together as singer songwriters and would love your feedback!
So kick your feet up, don't forget to use a coaster, and make yourself at home.
kate & sarah
jan. 17. 2006

Happy post holiday merriment!

I hope everyone had wonderful times taking in all the holiday cheer and perhaps even givin a little of it back. We had most excellent festivities with family and friends and are recharged to head back out on the road!

Upon much deliberation and countless contests seeing who can run around the block the most times in their skivies we have decided that Michigan is not cold enough for us.

So...with the olympics coming up and this new vigor inside us, we have decided to test our winter stamina in the great beyond of what the locals call New England. As well as a few adjoining states... We will engage in our own renditions of various olympic events that the landscape of the mitten just does not offer.

We are still hashing out the details of what these events might look like but we have a broken plastic sled, 2 football helmets, and a furry four legged friend that we have been feeding cheese to in order to bulk him up....              use your imagination.

So along with the carrying of the torch and the rigorous training between events we wanted to continue the tradition of the goodwill associated with the olympics and offer tidings in form of song.

So follow our example and brave the winter chill by checkin out some fabulous shows and perhaps even you can even get a ride on our makeshift bobsled, Betty the Bullet, (better known as one of the seats of the van covered in garbage bags and duct tape.

anchors away.
kate and sarah