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march 2012

We won't be updating this too page too much longer, but you can check out our latest newsletters here!

nervous but excited… new roads ahead

Change is on the horizon for nbe.

It began as a little singing snowball in 2006.  Over seven years and thousands of miles of good songs and good times, it has rolled itself into two fearless, folk singing snow-women.

As all great snow-women do, they change with the weather and must be maintained with care. So after a spring/summer/fall tour spanning Colorado to Vermont to North Carolina and beyond, we will be taking a hiatus from hard road touring in 2013.  We will undoubtedly continue to play music, together and apart, as we take a little more time to develop other parts of our lives. 

Sarah will be taking on a new phase in academia, while Kate will be continuing to construct her time individually as an artist, both in music and design.

2012 will be a year full of our favorite people and our favorite places. In no way can we determine the future of our road-warrior selves, only that every minute of it thus far has been utterly worth it. We are grateful to every single person who has shared themselves with us and our songs and to all the generous folks out there who have donated time, energy and support to the nbe vision. We both continue to believe that we were meant to sing songs together, and are looking forward to whatever turns the road takes.

bring on mtv... it's our first official music video

Sarah wrote the song "Ohio to Michigan" with a lot of the above sentiments in mind. Check out our first offical "music video," shot/edited by Benji Dell, recorded live in the rain at the old Ypsilanti Farm Bureau Grain Feed. 

We hope to see you out there.

kate + sarah

february 2011


hello sweat band sporting, relay running hustlers.

it's WEEK 3.. and we're starting to sweat. and by that we're talking some serious calisthenics. you have to see it to believe it.

our latest video includes but is not limited to: extravagant track suits, aforementioned calisthenics and a surprise cameo by justin bieber!

we are nearly half way to our goal of raising the funds needed to make a new CD and we need YOUR HELP to get to the finish line by March 13th. every single dollar helps, and spreading the love on the interweb is invaluable!

nervous but excited: choose your own adventure

keep checking back every Friday for new surprises!

we love making music and are so excited to put another CD out there into the world - but without your support it would be a slow and rocky journey out of the birth canal.

we are grateful to all of you who have given of your time, pocket books, and hearts to us over the past 6 years. lets keep this magic going!

♥ nbe

ps. and if you need to be inspired..come to a live show near you!


Hello snow globe folk enthusiasts, old friends, new friends, nervous but excitians, nervous but excited

we've strapped on our snowsuits and fought the bitter cold, chattering tooth and frozen nail, to bring you our latest video series.

it goes hand in hand with a new kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our upcoming studio album! we couldn't do it with out you, so we've come up with some ideas to make it a little more fun for ya.

we'll have a new installment of the video for you EVERY FRIDAY AT NOON, so keep in touch to see whats next!


remember, even if you can't contribute to the campaign, you can still be a part of it!

please know that passing the link on to friends is also very valuable, and much appreciated. some facebook love, a re-tweet every now and again or an email blast goes a long way these days.

thank you, as always, for your time!

♥ nbe

ps. a little behind the scenes info:

james mcrae is the magic maker behind the camera and the editing software. christianna labuz and eric anderson play our extremely talented side kicks.
and yes, we did build an igloo. with our hands and a couple shovels.

pps. frostbite doesn't scare us Michiganders so we will be out there bringing music to get you through till the end of winter. Bring your earmuffs and snowshoes and shake off those winter blues with us at a show near you...

december 2010

mitten >> south land >> mitten tour

12/04: lansing, MI
12/04: columbus, OH
12/05: louisville, KY
12/07: decatur, GA
12/08: paducah, KY
12/09: ft. smith, AR
12/10: kansas city, MO
12/11: st. louis, MO
12/12: bloomington, IN
12/18: ann arbor, MI

this is the place where you can find all the details on all the shows. you should really click here.

Happy Holigays Extravaganza!!

we are making a break for it out of our snowy world and heading south!


THEN we will back for a very special holiGAY extravaganza in Ann Arbor... you will not want to miss! Singing, Dancing and Mistletoe!!

On a side note, we're hitting the road and these days, whether we like it or not, FACEBOOK is the how most folks are getting their info. One simple way for you to help us spread the word techno-ground roots style, is to tag our shows or our name by typing @Nervous But Excited in your status updates and wall posts. thats helps HUGE amounts in making our little events visable. We appreciate it more then you know!

our best, and most ridiculous...

kate and sarah

ps. are we friends on facebook? we should be. that's basically where it's at.

pps: feeling the holiday spirit? let us revisit....

special holiday greeting

a special holiday greeting
last christmas by wham!
December 12, 2009

october 2010

have you jumped in a leaf pile this season?!?

Does this activity make you a little Nervous because you don’t know if the pile may be wet, buggy, or have one of your friends hiding inside!? or does it make you Excited for the sheer rush of it all?! either way, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And come tell us your stories at a show near you.

We will then compile your stories into a song only nbe could write, involving the glockenspiel, to share with everyone on this fall tour.

You can email us your stories to us to be sure they make it into this ever evolving sing along song...

Jump in some leaves, tell us your stories, and come to a show near you...we have missed you!

on a side note, we're hitting the road and could use and would really love and appreciate your help! find out how to be a larger part of the Nervous but Excited family - become an EXCITER!

nbe wet and buggy

news worthy of a newscolumn

we learned the monster mash today on the ukulele

ann arbor show this week! benefit for the united way

we're heading up and down the east coast in november. click the facebook links below to rsvp!

we're looking for suggestions for a holiday ditty for the upcoming season

we posted some great new photos by the very talented jj tiziou the other day

sarah got a haircut

*you've been warned* kate stepped in dog doodoo hiding inside the leaf pile





july 2010

Get em while their hot!

Hello all you hot hot hott (with 2 t’s) NBE fans!

We are busy writing, moving, playing, swimming, creating, and soaking in the summer and we are hoping you are doing the same.

Perhaps this summer has allowed you to have a bit more freedom to spend with your musical collection while you are sipping cocktails on the beach while being slathered with tanning oil and you are thinking to yourself, “ I wish I had more Nervous but Excited in my collection.”  (the surgeon general did mention that listening to NBE while you tan does give you a deeper more even tan)

Lucky You!

We are moving to the next town over (Ypsilanti MI) and to celebrate we are having a

Summer Bundle Sale

owl t-shirt + just the two of us EP + 1 of 50 limited edition autographed, screenprinted poster + anchors
(save $10)
$40 Summer bundle
owl tshirt + just the two of us EP + poster
(save $10)
owl tshirt + just the two of us EP
(save $5)
owl t-shirt + poster
(save $5)
just the two of us EP + poster
(save $5)

Grab your sunscreen, sparklers, and sunglasses cause we are coming to a Midwestern festival near you!
Come celebrate Ypsilanti MI being NBE’s new hometown and party it up with NBE after the show in Ypsi!

sat. 8/7 ypsilanti, mi michigan roots jamboree
sat. 8/14 three rivers, mi fen fest
sat. 8/14 Johannesburg, mi farmfest
sun. 8/15 Johannesburg, mi farmfest
sat. 9/11 pataskala, oh ohio lesbian festival
9/17-19 lake city, mi harvest gathering

way more details here...

april 2010


we may actually start calling ourselves film stars.

Hello lovers of all things funny that sound like a good idea when you thought of them and end up being an even better idea when you finish them. (and also welcome new east coast friends!)

We have developed a series of short movies to introduce the six songs we chose to cover on Just the Two of Us {our duo doing duos} in an effort to make you laugh so hard you may pee yourself and to entice you to come to our CD release shows at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI April 24th and/or the Creole Gallery in Lansing, MI May 21.

(get your tickets soon folks...we are hoping to sell them out!)

without further ado we would like to present to you video #1 of our series:

Just the Two of Us (Our Duo Doing Duos) Songisode #1, "Devotion"

Just the Two of Us (Our Duo Doing Duos) Songisode #1, "Devotion" - by nervous but excited


saturday, april 24, 2010, 8 pm
the ark
ann arbor, michigan
with special guest joshua davis of steppin' in it
buy tickets early!

friday may 21, 2010
the creole gallery
old town lansing, michigan
tickets available soon!

click for bigger


march 2010

indiana, we've missed you.

hello to the land of daylight savings time imbroglio.

we've spent a month on the road, now we're home and friday we are repacking our bags of laundered clothes to head your way for some good evenings of music, byob and delicious food. that's right, both shows this weekend will not only include the foot stomping, hand clapping, sing-a-longing roller coaster that you've become accustomed to, but we'll be making a party out it.

friday night we're at the lovely and comfy home of elaine and jennifer's, terre haute's premiere house concert venue. open to all!

saturday we up our game in square footage for an indy indie show with folk rockstar pamela means, where in between thrashing, we will be comparing the worn spots on our guitars.

hope to see you out there! it's been awhile!

kate and sarah

fri. 3/19 terre haute, IN house concert 7:30pm $5-10  
open to everyone! // 126 North 35th Street // 812-243-7600 for more info // BYOB
sat. 3/20 indianapolis, IN indy indie Facebook event 7:30pm $12/15 with pamela means
indy indie clubhouse - 7780 Eagle Valley Pass // doors open 6:30 - dinner buffet and water/soft drinks included, BYOB


january 2010 article

little pic on the front page, BIG pic on the Entertainment front page!

Thanks so much to Roger LeLievre for a wonderful chat and article.

Check it out!


2009 in review!

Hello igloo burrowers, warm soup slurpers, and cozy hearth dwellers.

As we bring January to a close we have been reflecting on the past year of nervous but excited adventures and thought we would share a few highlights with you all to remind us all of the good times shared together!

nbe's 2009 timeline
  • JANUARY ::: The year began with us hunkering down in various warm acoustically pleasing places in MI and Canada recordsing our love child anchors.
  • MARCH ::: Birthed anchors with little pain and no stretch marks to date
    (thanks to home births and susie our fabulous midwife)

  • APRIL ::: Meeted and greeted with the indigo girls... helped us believe that
    god does love folk singers
  • MAY ::: Celebrated the release of anchors in ann arbor performing with 5 of
    the most talented and eccentrically exciting people we know and the instruments they love.

  • JULY ::: Found the 4 wheeled love of our life in Foxy Boxy our touring vehicle.

  • AUGUST ::: Rocked the day stage at mwmf... torrential downpours brought the nervous and you all brought the excited!

  • AUGUST ::: Said and Done was selected for annabelle and bear soundtrack...
    won movie cameo contest...filmed cameo at 10 PM...drove to Massachusetts at 11PM (sustained a small amount of whiplash and jetlag from all the activity...but no harm to report)

  • AUGUST ::: Filmed our own short movie about our sudden fame..wore sunglasses inside for months.

  • SEPTEMBER ::: launched brand new website!

  • SEPTEMBER ::: Opened for ani difranco in kalamazoo...humbled and speechless...truly an amazing woman, an amazing crew and an amazing crowd

  • SEPTEMBER ::: Opened for ani again, drove 6 blocks, played the blind pig with the ragbirds, drove 560 miles to KY... continued to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming and to stay awake on the drive.

  • OCTOBER ::: Discovered that folk music and libraries are a match made in heaven.

  • NOVEMBER ::: Were selected to play the ann arbor folk fest with iron and wine, ben gibbard and more...found ourselves once again this year jumping up and down yelling in excitement holding each other like we just won the price is right...again...our neighbors are starting to ask questions.

  • DECEMBER ::: Attached medium sized holiday bears to our chest to create a small holiday video in the spirit of wham!

  • DECEMBER ::: Began preparing for our next release tentatively titled "just the two of us" - our duo doing duos! a duo covers EP, due out feb 2010! we'll begin tempting your palette soon with treats.

2010 ::: We stop and breathe and thank all of you for being there every step of the way, supporting us and our music. Together we will make 2010 just as amazing!

starting with joining forces at these upcoming shows! wanna join the street team for free stuff?


Foxy Boxy
foxy boxy

Michigan Womens Music Festival

Annabelle and Bear Film Shoot
film shoot

Opening for Ani in Kalamazoo, MI
opening for ani

Holida Video
wham! holiday video

september 2009


ani difranco AGAIN! + ann arbor double header!

hey ya'll! we just got the news that we've been added to the bill for the 9/25 ani difranco show at the michigan theater! {get your tickets here! or win them from 107.1!} we are overjoyed to have this opportunity once again AND just 7 minutes from our house!

some of you who already had plans to go to the blind pig that night might be asking, "but i thought you were playing at the Ragbirds CD release show that night?" well the answer is yes, of course we still are! we are a little bit crazy but we are going to make it happen. we go on at 11pm sharp (till around 11:45) with the FULL BAND and it's going to be a really amazing night. Check out the facebook event for the Ragbirds show and let us know you are coming!

you should join us! and if you have an ani ticket stub, you can get into the blind pig show for $7.

In other news, we've had some great press lately if you're up for a little reading/listening, take a look.



ani difranco, BRAND NEW WEBSITE, new merch and a fall tour!

hello lovers of great lake swimming, garage sale hopping and out of doors music listening.

the excitement continues to rattle the nbe headquarters. we are bracing ourselves... and all of our breakables.

New Websitenews worthy note number 1 ::: ani difranco!
we are incredibly honored, excited and admittedly a bit nervous to be opening for the awe-inspiring Ani Difranco THIS FRIDAY, September 11th in Kalamazoo, MI …we would love for you all to come and be a part of this amazing night.

news worthy note number 2 ::: new website!
after multiple years of renovation, we've torn the damn thing down, poured a basement, built the walls and shingled the roof on a BRAND NEW WEBSITE.
please have a look around and sign the guestbook! {it's mobile ready, too!}

Love Prevails t-shirtsnews worthy note number 3 ::: new merch!
along with the launch of the website, the new anchors t's and neckerchiefs series "love prevails" will be available for the first time online! we have also included the limited edition "sound travels far in these woods full of women" t's. check out the new store here.

news worthy note number 4 ::: fall tour!
fall is nipping at our toes so we are retreating to the southland in a few weeks! we will lure the chill down after us then narrowly escape its grasp and head north again... leaving it in our dust to never return to the Midwest. come see us!

thanks as always for sharing in our joy, coming out to the shows and yelling loud for us when it really counts.


kate & sarah



whew. a brand new website!! it's been awhile. take a browse around and keep coming back for more because i get excited about keeping shiny new things shiny.

you'll see we've added lots of new media... videos, pictures, lyrics, and a guestbook so we know you have visited.

want to say hello now? (c'mon and do it)

honestly, you could spend hours here. it's pretty great. oh and remember to move your mouse around. i like to hide little treats here and there.

feedback is great too... if there is something missing, let us know!

-kate (your humble designer)

oh, the glow of the screen


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